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Receding Gums Cure

Receding Gums CureThe technique used for receding gums cure depends on the case of the gum recession. When gum recession is linked to misaligned teeth, an orthodontist may be able to help correct the issue with orthodontic treatment. Individuals who suffer from gum recession due to excessive forceful brushing may benefit from a soft bristled brush and improved brushing techniques. Patients who have developed periodontal disease that has led to gum recession may benefit from minimally invasive periodontal therapy.

Severe gum recession may require the help of surgical procedures such as gum grafts. This procedure requires our periodontist to harvest gum tissue from the roof of the mouth so that it can be placed onto the compromised tooth. Receding gums cure can help prevent further recession, bone deterioration, in addition to tissue degeneration. In fact, gum graft, a receding gums cure, can help stimulate re-growth of damaged tissue.

In order to determine the type of procedures needed to help restore your periodontal health, feel free to schedule an appointment with our periodontist. Our team of skilled dental experts is here to provide you with exceptional oral health care services in a relaxed and comfortable environment.