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Gum Surgery Graft

Gum Surgery GraftGum recession ultimately results in exposed tooth roots. Gum surgery graft is designed to help repair damaged gum tissue. Gum surgery graft can also help prevent additional gingival recession and bone loss.

Gum surgery graft can be used to help cover exposed roots. They can also be used to help develop gum tissue. During a gum grafting surgery, our periodontist harvests gum tissue from patient’s palates in order to cover exposed tooth roots. Donor tissue or synthetic grafting materials may also be used for this particular procedure. Gum grafting can be completed on a single tooth or multiple teeth in order to help restore patient’s gum lines and reduce tooth sensitivity.

Benefits of Gum Surgery Graft

Gum surgery graft can help prevent further gum recession and bone deterioration. Exposed roots can also be protected with grafting material, preventing the development of root caries. Gum grafts can help reduce tooth sensitivity and help improve the aesthetics of your smile. Patients often receive the benefit of having improved function and aesthetics of their smile with the gum surgery graft. A beautiful smile along with improved periodontal health can be achieved with this procedure. Gum grafts allow patients to chew, speak, and smile comfortably and confidently.