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Gum Recession Treatment

Gum Recession TreatmentPatients who do not practice good oral hygiene can experience gum recession. Healthy gum tissue acts as a protective barrier which fits snugly around teeth. When gum tissues begin to recede, tooth’s root may become exposed, which can result in sensitivity. Root caries, bone deterioration, tissue degeneration and tooth loss may occur when gum recession is left untreated.

Gingival recession occurs for many reasons including insufficient gingival tissue, aggressive brushing, trauma to gingival tissues, or even periodontal disease. It is important to help prevent gum recession by brushing and flossing properly, including visiting your dentist annually for dental examinations and professional cleanings.

When gum recession is left untreated, bone loss and tissue degeneration is very likely. Methods of gum recession treatment are dependent upon the severity of gum recession. Non-surgical periodontal treatments are typically performed to help remove any bacteria and tartar buildup from mild cases of gum recession.

If recession has resulted in severe complications with periodontal tissues, surgical procedures may be necessary. Soft tissue grafts is a surgery that is most commonly performed to help restore patient’s gum line. This procedure also prevents further regression of gum tissue and helps re-establish root coverage.

Tissue grafts are performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s level of comfort. Gum tissue is carefully harvested form the roof of the mouth and will then be placed onto compromised areas of the tooth. Tissue grafts can be performed around one tooth or multiple teeth.

Patients with gum recession are urged to visit our periodontist for a complete evaluation and gum recession treatment. When gum recession is left untreated, extensive damage to bone structures, soft tissue, and teeth can occur. Schedule your appointment today for a comprehensive evaluation with our highly skilled periodontist.