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Gum Graft Surgery

Gum Graft SurgeryGum recession is one of the most noticeable traits of periodontal disease. This particular condition can cause gum tissue to regress from the tooth, eventually leading to the exposure of the tooth root. Gum recession can occur on one tooth, or many teeth. Root sensitivity, inflammation of soft tissues, exposure of root, dental caries, or aesthetic issues are all contributed to gum recession. When patients develop gum recession, it is important to have this condition repaired with gum graft surgery. Without the presence of adequate gum tissue around teeth, bacteria can lead to further development of gum disease, bone deterioration, tissue degeneration and eventual tooth loss.

Gum grafting surgery can not only protect teeth from developing root caries, bone deterioration, tissue degeneration, or tooth loss, it can also provide patients with an attractive smile. Gum grafting surgery can help restore patient’s natural gum line while improving the overall health or the patient’s teeth and gum tissue.

Based on the needs on your oral health care needs, our periodontist will develop a custom treatment plan in order to help improve the function and aesthetics of your smile.