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Gum Graft Surgery Recovery Time

Gum Graft Surgery Recovery TimeGum grafting procedures often come with very little risks. The procedure is quite successful and the gum graft surgery recovery time is relatively minimal. Patients are advised to take extra care of the surgical area for several days following the surgery. This will allow the grafted gum tissue to completely heal. Once gum tissue has completely healed, patients will notice a much healthier and more attractive looking smile. The ability to speak and eat comfortably will be fully restored.

There are possibilities of complications following the procedure, therefore it is extremely important for patients to follow all post-operative instructions provide by our periodontist. For example, patients should adhere to a soft foods diet for several days post gum graft surgery. In order to decrease gum graft surgery recovery time, patients should avoid brushing the surgical site. Rinsing with a specially formulated mouth rinse is crucial, since it limits the ability for plaque and tartar to form on tooth’s surfaces. Patient’s soft tissues should be completely healed in approximately two weeks.