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Gum Graft Surgery Cost

Gum Graft Surgery CostGum graft surgery has proven to be highly effective in restoring patient’s gum line as well as preventing further bone loss, tooth loss and tissue degeneration. Although this surgery may be a necessity for patients, some are left questioning the gum graft surgery cost.

It is important to understand that since this procedure is highly effective in preventing further damage to the teeth and gums, many dental insurance companies will opt to pay for a portion of the gum graft surgery costs. The particular rate paid is based upon the type of dental insurance coverage an individual has. Our friendly team of dental experts will be glad to work with any dental insurance companies to determine the allowed benefits for gum graft surgery.

Patients without dental insurance will still be eligible for treatment, however, gum graft surgery costs. Speak to our periodontist to see how we can help you develop a treatment plan that will effectively treat your oral health care needs, while still being conscious of your budget.