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Gum Graft Recovery Time

Gum Graft Recovery TimeRecovery from Gum Tissue Graft

Patients may return home immediately following the gum graft procedure. However, if sedatives were administered during the procedure, patients will be required to find a designated driver.

Specific instructions will be provided to each patient regarding postoperative care. Instructions regarding diet, physical activity, including any medications prescribed will be provided to patients. It is important that patients do not floss or brush the surgical site until the area has completely healed. A special mouth rinse will be provided for patients in order to help control the level of plaque during the healing process following the procedure. Patients may also be placed on a course of antibiotics in order to help reduce the risk of developing infection.

In the week following the gum grafting procedure, adhere to a soft foods diet such as eggs, pasta, gelatin, yogurt, cottage cheese, cooked vegetables, or even ice cream.

Gum Graft Recovery Time

Pain associated with the surgery will vary depending on the type of gum graft performed by our periodontist. Minimal amount of discomfort will be present for patients who receive gum grafting with donor tissue or through tissue regenerating proteins. However, patients who had tissue harvested from their palate may experience some discomfort for a few days. The oral cavity tends to heal relatively quickly and over the counter anti-inflammatory medication along with pain medication will prevent patients from feeling any discomfort.

The gum grafting site will take approximately a week or two to completely heal. Patients will be able to return to their regular routine after the surgery.