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Gum Allograft Recovery

Gum Allograft RecoveryGum allograft surgery is a relatively routine procedure and patients are free to return home immediately following the procedure. However, if a sedative is prescribed by our periodontist, arrangements for a ride must be made prior to undergoing surgery.

Although specific post-operative instructions are provided by our periodontist, patients are not advised to floss or brush the area that was grafted until the surgical site has been given ample time to completely heal. Patients are advised to rinse with a prescribed rinse in order to help contain the level of plaque during the healing process. Antibiotics may also be prescribed to help reduce the risk of infection during that time.

Adhering to a soft diet is highly recommended immediately following the surgery. Eggs, pasta, gelatin, yogurt and vegetables are some of the few nutrient dense soft foods available for patients. Proper oral hygiene and diet can help increase gum allograft recovery speed for patients. Prescription pain medication may also be used to help patients manage any discomfort associated with the procedure. While it may take approximately a week or two for patient’s soft tissues to completely heal, patients can return to their normal activities immediately following the surgery.

For more questions about gum allograft recovery time, consult with our periodontist.