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Dermis Zimmer Allograft

Dermis Zimmer AllograftDermis Zimmer allograft is an all-natural alternative to autogenous soft tissue grafts. This product can be used for both horizontal and vertical soft tissue regeneration procedures. Dermis Zimmer allograft is a great option for cases that emphasize on the aesthetics of a smile since this product has a natural biological matrix that has been designed for successful surgical soft tissue procedure including tissue regeneration, soft tissue enhancement and peri implant soft tissue management.

Dermis Zimmer allograft eliminates the need for a secondary surgical site. Patients will not have to undergo a second surgical procedure. This product also acts as a guide for soft tissue regeneration. With its long history of highly effective clinical results in a variety of surgical applications, Dermis Zimmer allograft is the perfect solution to autogenous soft tissue grafts.