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Alloderm Lifecell Allograft

Alloderm Lifecell allograftAlloderm Lifecell allograft provides durable soft tissue reinforcement or replacement. Unlike various human dermis products, Alloderm Lifecell allograft is generated through a non-damaging process which allows the body to develop its own tissue regeneration process.

Donor human tissue supplied by US AASTB compliant tissue banks is processed by utilizing LifeCell’s technique to remove the epidermis and cells that may potentially lead to tissue rejection and grafting failure. This results in an intact acellular matrix of natural components which promotes rapid revascularization, white cell migration and cell repopulation.

There are many benefits to using Alloderm Lifecell allografts. This donor tissue eliminates the need for an additional surgical site for harvesting donor tissue. Allograft is also readily available in a large supply, unlike tissue which is harvested from the palate. This allows large compromised areas to be effectively restored with the help of Alloderm Lifecell allograft.